Excire Foto 2021 Crack Full Download Latest Version

Excire Foto 2021 Crack Full Download Latest Version

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Excire Foto Crack is a powerful program designed for easy photo management and quick content-based browsing. Numerous intelligent features help you get organized and find the photos you are looking for. Using Excire Foto for Windows PC is fun and saves you time that can be better spent on creative photography.

Excire Foto License Key

Photos can revive our memories, given we can find the right images. Let Excire Foto do the hard work of finding them for you! Using intelligent navigation, the images needed to make a vacation unforgettable can be found quickly. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too many photos? Get organized and cull them! Closed eyes or a missing smile – let the app see the rejects.

It can recognize pictures?!?

That’s the first thought I’ve had when my editor approached me to review Excire Search. I was highly doubtful that any software could successfully realize such a tedious task. Not only do I have thousands of archived photos on my Drobos, but I’ve never used keywords either — or any tagging — in my organizing workflow.

All I have are hundreds of folders filled with RAW files listed in numerical order. There’s absolutely no information in my metadata that gives a clue on what the scene is and no way to find what’s on my pictures without opening them. So…

Features and Highlights

Clever thanks to AI

Using advanced image and face-recognition technology, It automatically analyses and tags your photos. Are you looking for pictures from a beach holiday or a family celebration? The Excire AI will find them for you in seconds and will uncover all your hidden photo treasures.

Intuitive and fun to use

Intelligent content-based navigation is combined with super-fast image display to provide efficiency and fun. Simple, intuitive, powerful: with the program, you will experience an entirely new way of interacting with your photos.

Quick search

You search, Excire Foto finds! With just a few clicks, you can find the photos you are looking for faster than ever before!

Use your keywords everywhere.

Transfer the Excire Foto keywords to photo or XMP files and benefit from the power of the Excire AI across various applications. Excire keywords become available in the spotlight search of your file browser and other applications such as Lightroom.

Simple sharing

Share your best moments with family and friends. It can connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive, enabling sharing in just a few seconds.

Secure and privacy-aware

The security of your photos is important to us: the Excire AI runs locally on your computer, and pictures are not uploaded to the cloud for analysis!

Installation and setup

Setting things up was pretty easy (even for the non-geeky photographer that I am).

First, download Excire Foto either on Mac or PC. A plugin called Excire Search is also available for Lightroom Classic users.

Then, add the desired folders. Excire Foto will start automatically to analyze the photos contained in them. Keep in mind that the more folders you import, the longer it will take to process. I’ve added a few months’ worths of work (22,000 images), and it took around 90 minutes to go through.

Don’t expect to open the software for the first time and be able to find your photos through 10 years worth of folders in the snap of a finger. Not yet.

I predict the analyzing process will take several hours when I’ll import a full year of work. If you plan on importing multiple hundred thousand pictures, I’d recommend doing it at night before going to bed. It takes quite a bit of computing power, and it might slow down your work.

It’s a long process to begin with, but once it’s done, you’re pretty much set forever. All you’ll have to do in the future is synchronize your new folders and photos — if desired — to your existing collection.

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